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THE COLUMBIA LAW LIST has been marketing lawyers to profitable legal work for nearly 100 years. We have many collection firms who use THE COLUMBIA LAW LIST as their main source of locating law firms.

"I have been a loyal collection agency forwarder to Columbia Law List for over 20 years. We send thousands of legal files to the law firms listed and have had great success."

Andrew Catlin, President

Account Management Systems
"I have been an active member of The Columbia Law List for more than twenty (20) years. Besides providing my firm with leads to the top business professionals in the collection industry, The List has given my firm tremendous exposure to companies and individuals looking to retain our firm to assist in the recovery of delinquent debt. The Columbia List has been and will continue to be a trusted and valued asset to the success of my firm."

Stephen B. Gebeloff, Esq.

The Gebeloff Law Group
"I do want to personally thank you for 20 great years of being on your list. May the next 20 years be as good (or better) than the last 20 years. Thank you for your help in building my practice from the ground up. I started in September of 1989 and I couldn't have done it without your Law List."

Louis Jacobs, Esq., Los Angeles , CA

Law Offices of Louis Jacobs
"Thank you so much for recommending our firm to Benuck & Rainey, Inc. We look forward to hearing from them soon. P.S. You have an amazing team at the Columbia Law List, we are very pleased."

Leon Cameron, Stamford, CT

Law Offices of Frank N. Peluso, P.C.
"You are directly responsible for two new clients. Thank you very much. It is now clear that our membership in the Columbia List was a positive decision."

Howard Goodman, Tarzana, CA

Goodman & Goodman
"I just wanted to send a quick note and say "thank you". It's only been a few weeks since we joined Columbia and already we have had 3 potential claims come in the door. I am very impressed. I'll keep you posted as regards the claims, and keep up the great work!"

Jessica Ellicott, Esquire

Ellicott & Ellicott, PC
"I was admitted to the bar in 1952 and The Columbia Law List was my first law list. My law firm has continued to maintain various listings in The Columbia List since that time. We consider our listing with The Columbia List one of our most valuable."

Jeremiah A. Lloyd, Louisville, KY

Lloyd & McDaniel
"The Columbia List has been a steady source of collection business with the list referring to our office agencies, and other lawyers who require our services. The list also is a source of our referring matters to out of state counsel for our national clients."

Ronald B. Rich

Farmington Hills, MI
"My listing in The Columbia Law List has provided valuable marketing assistance and has been beneficial in the growth of my Law firm."

George L. Cohn, Los Angeles, CA

Collection Lawyers
"The Columbia List has been an integral part of my day to day law practice for many years. Not only has the list been an important part of my law office, it has helped me obtain important lifetime friendships with lawyers throughout the United states."

Paul Mendelson, Memphis, TN

Mendelson Law Firm
"Several agencies use The Columbia Law List exclusively. The Columbia List appears to be growing faster and adding new agencies quicker than most other lists."

John Wayne Miller

Longmont, CO
"Our collection practice has steadily grown as a result of many new clients that have come to us directly from The Columbia Law List. Considering the small investment made by us to belong to The Columbia Law List, it has resulted in an excellent return on our investment."

Law Offices of Robert G. Harris

Boca Raton, FL
"In reviewing our relations over the past several years, I am reminded that The Columbia Law List has referred to our office numerous new clients throughout the United States."

Todd B. Butler, Topeka, KS

Shaw, Hergenreter, Quarnstrom, Kocher & Butler, L.L.P.