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Collection Laws

Collection Laws

Collection Laws & Exemptions

 FDCPA Applies to
Original Creditors
Homestead ExemptionVehicle ExemptionBank AccountWages
Alabama$5,000 (can double)None$3,00075%
Alaska $70,200 $3,900$1,820 or $2,860$456-7161
Arizona$150,000$5,000 $15075%
ArkansasUnlimited (<1/4 acre)$1,200$800 or $125075%
CaliforniaYes$50,0004$5,000 (2x)$075%
Connecticut$75,000 (2x if married)$1,500$1,00075%
DelawareNone (if both owe $)None$50085%5
Georgia$10,000 (can double)$3,500 (2x)$60075%
HawaiiYes $30,000$2,575None80%
Illinois$15,000 (can double)$1,200$2,00085%6
Indiana$7500 (can double)None$4,00075%
Maine$25,000 (ask)$5,000$40075%
MarylandYesNone (if both owe $)$5,000$6,00075%
$35,300 or $52,925 if elderly or disabled$3,250None75%
New HampshireYes$30,000$4,000$8,00075%
New JerseyNone (if both owe $)$1,000$1,00090%7
New MexicoYes$30,000 (may double)$4,000$2,00075%
New YorkYesVaries by county See CVP § 5206$4,000$2,500890%
North Carolina
$10,000 (may double)$1,500$500100%
North Dakot$80,000$1,200$7,50075%
$425 (2x)75%
OregonYes$25,000 ($30K couple)$1,700 (2x)$40075%
PennsylvaniaYesNone (if both owe $)None$300$100
Rhode Island$150,000$12,000None75%
South Carolina
$50,000 (can double)$5,000$5,000100%
South DakotaUnlimited$6,0006k-Auto75%
$5,000 ($7.5K cpl)
Utah$20,000 (can double)$2,500 or $3,500None75%
VermontYes$75,000 (can double)$2,500$1,10075%
Virginia$5,000 (+$500/kid 2x)$2,000None
West VirginiaYes$25,000 (can double)$2,400$800+75%
Wyoming$10,000 (can double)$2,400None75%


  • Alaska: $716/wk (head of family) or $456/wk (non-head of family)
  • Florida: 100% (head of family only) or 75% for non-head of household
  • Iowa: 75%, but yearly total limited
  • California: $50k (single), $75k (married), $125K (65 or disabled)
  • Delaware: 85% of disposable
  • Illinois: 85% of gross
  • New Jersey: 90% of gross, unless judgment-debtor earns more that 250% of federal poverty level, then court has discretion to use federal 25% exemption.
  • New York: Account contains directly deposited exempt benefits, including Social Security, SSI, Veterans benefits, disability, pensions, child support, spousal maintenance, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, Public Assistance, Railroad Retirement benefits, and Black Lung benefits. Otherwise, $1,740 on all other accounts. See the New York LawHelp Consortium for more information.
  • Tennessee: Up to $4,000 of any personal property, including a financial account, can be exempted. See Tennessee § 26-2-103 for details.

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