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Columbia Financial International, Inc. is a global collection industry marketing firm that consults hundreds of collection law firms and collection agencies. We help clients solve their toughest problems, their biggest challenges. The sort of hurdles that require the unique capabilities of our team of top caliber business management professionals. 

At CFI Consulting Services, our range of expertise encompasses key business issues relating to collection law firms and collection agencies. We have shown our clients new ways to transform their business, their thinking - and their bottom line. It is all about profit and we can help your company make more of it! 

Our team of business consultants consists of former owners of successful collection agencies, collection law firms and retail credit establishments. Our experience spans more than a century. 

CFI has access to and offers the latest sophisticated technology within the collection industry, from collection software for both the collection agency and the collection law firm to electronic claim forwarding. Our belief is that top technology sells and keeps business clientele.


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The following is a short list of the professional consulting services that we offer:

1. Review, analyze and help set up office procedures. This will ensure agency/law firm growth.

Step by step, we will scrutinize every single facet of your office operation and evaluate what you have in place against other viable options which have proven successful to save time, money and frustration.

2. Contact potential clients on behalf of the agency/law firm and report back vital information.

Need to kick start your business development program? We have just the experience you have been looking for. Imagine highly experienced Collection Industry sales professionals contacting companies on your behalf for new business. Every collection agency and collection law firm needs new paper, so why not let our sales professionals get some for your company?

3. Collection training and enhancement.

Are your collectors as good as they can possibly be? Have you considered having them trained on the proven strategies and techniques that can improve their collection percentage? Do they know the FDCPA backwards and forwards? Are they protecting your company or law firm at every turn in the road? Tired of training the new collection recruits? Our aggressive training program can help you and your employees recover more money, close settlement deals quickly and efficiently, as well as improve client relations by improving your recovery ratio.

4. Sales training.

Let's face the facts! Not all people who have succeeded in outside or inside sales can do sales successfully in the collection industry. It is not like selling a stove or a used car. It takes years of being in the collection business to know how to land the big fish and even some small fish. It takes persistency, knowledge of the collection business and a little luck to be a successful collection industry salesperson. Besides, there is a great deal more competition than there ever used to be. You better know the answers when the prospective client asks a question. If you don't know the answers, the next sales rep that calls your prospective client might. Where does that leave you? Let our professionals instruct your sales personnel so they can become as successful as you want them to be and a viable asset to your firm or agency.

5. Technology review.

Let us take a look at the software applications that run your collection operation. Do you have online access for your clients to place claims? Can they view collection activity, status? Are you still sending out those bulky status reports? Perhaps it is time for your agency or law firm to move forward into the new age of technology. We have the products and we have the professionals that can show you the pros and cons.

6. Represent law firm/agency on merger and/or sale.

Are you considering selling your operation? Want to spend time at the beach and just relax? Wait a minute, if you do not have someone representing your interests in the sale or merger of your firm or agency, you could be making a grave mistake. Before you cut out for the beach, make sure you have all your bases covered. Our sale and merger professionals can ensure that the transition is smooth and painless. Call us today at 1-800-648-1914.


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"I have been a loyal collection agency forwarder to Columbia Law List for over 20 years. We send thousands of legal files to the law firms listed and have had great success."

Andrew Catlin, President
Account Management Systems


"I do want to personally thank you for 20 great years of being on your list. May the next 20 years be as good (or better) than the last 20 years. Thank you for your help in building my practice from the ground up.

I started in September of 1989 and I couldn't have done it without your Law List."

Louis Jacobs, Esq., Los Angeles , CA  
Law Offices of Louis Jacobs


"I have been an active member of The Columbia Law List for more than twenty (20) years. Besides providing my firm with leads to the top business professionals in the collection industry, The List has given my firm tremendous exposure to companies and individuals looking to retain our firm to assist in the recovery of delinquent debt.

The Columbia List has been and will continue to be a trusted and valued asset to the success of my firm. " 

Stephen B. Gebeloff, Esq. 
The Gebeloff Law Group



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