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The Columbia Law List published since 1905 is distributed to all sources of collection claim forwarders including law firms, collection agencies and legal forwarding departments. The Columbia Law List members are all covered under a one million dollar surety bond issued by the Great American Insurance Company. Most law firm members utilize the bonding to secure additional clients. 

The Columbia Law List is the most popular and most utilized collection attorney network in the world. The Columbia Law List network website receives over 80,000 page view hits monthly through top placement organically on all top search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN & AOL. Columbia Law List also maintains hundreds of banners and thousands of Search Engine Optimized top web pages. The Columbia Law List is one of the website directories that CFI law firm members become listed. In addition, many members receive other benefits and sources that help their law firm become more effective and save money in operating their legal business.

Members receive an exciting package of benefits when joining Columbia Financial International.

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"I have been a loyal collection agency forwarder to Columbia Law List for over 20 years. We send thousands of legal files to the law firms listed and have had great success."

Andrew Catlin, President
Account Management Systems


"I do want to personally thank you for 20 great years of being on your list. May the next 20 years be as good (or better) than the last 20 years. Thank you for your help in building my practice from the ground up.

I started in September of 1989 and I couldn't have done it without your Law List."

Louis Jacobs, Esq., Los Angeles , CA  
Law Offices of Louis Jacobs


"I have been an active member of The Columbia Law List for more than twenty (20) years. Besides providing my firm with leads to the top business professionals in the collection industry, The List has given my firm tremendous exposure to companies and individuals looking to retain our firm to assist in the recovery of delinquent debt.

The Columbia List has been and will continue to be a trusted and valued asset to the success of my firm. " 

Stephen B. Gebeloff, Esq. 
The Gebeloff Law Group



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