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Columbia Law List helps great collection attorneys earn more revenue


Brand your law firm.
Columbia Law List offers collection attorneys like you a marketing platform to showcase your qualifications, increase your client base, connecting you with companies seeking legal services in your area.
Create more legal leads.
Columbia Law List offers free marketing products that connect attorneys with interested new clients. We offer intelligent proven methods of advertising that offer you maximum visibility.
Increase your client base.
We offer many legal products and services that help persuade a client that you are the best law firm for their debt collection needs.

Columbia Law List connects thousands of law firms

with millions of debt collection files every year.

Start branding your law firm.


Top Ten Marketing
Leading design and SEO specialists for the collection and legal industries.
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Collection Industry News
CIN provides collection attorneys with highly targeted, cost-effective marketing and branding opportunities to our 30,000+ collection industry subscribers.
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Your Virtual Spokesperson

Statistics provide that having a virtual spokesperson it is a much more powerful presentation than the static websites of the past.

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Columbia Financial 

CFI provides a plethora of products and services specifically designed for the Collection and Legal Industries

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Retail Collection Attorney Network 

RCAN promotes retail collection law firms throughout the United States and around the world.

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Agency Collectors

Connect with professional collection agencies worldwide and increase your client base.

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Attorneys Online

To further enhance your internet presence AttorneysOnline.US offers listings for attorneys and law firms in all fifty states in the U.S.

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Legal Leads Broker

Our premium lead service reaches out to attorneys in virtually every part of the world to generate targeted information for in depth analysis and easier conversion to sales.

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FDCPA Certification

Today's compliance environment demands a comprehensive approach to make sure every consumer interaction is conducted by a trained professional operating under strict guidelines. 

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Seize Assets

Asset Location and Judgment Recovery services for Collection Attorneys, and all law firms, businesses and individuals who have been awarded judgments in court.

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Platinum Asset Discovery
Platinum Asset Discovery is our premier asset location service for large judgments. Superior results returned.
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CFI Data Search 

Providing the credit and collection professional with a two pronged approach for their data collection and skip tracings needs.

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Premier Asset Locators

Empowering collection attorneys, collection agencies, debt buyers and financial institutions with the ultimate creditors’ rights vehicle. 

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"I have been a loyal collection agency forwarder to Columbia Law List for over 20 years. We send thousands of legal files to the law firms listed and have had great success."

Andrew Catlin, President
Account Management Systems


"I do want to personally thank you for 20 great years of being on your list. May the next 20 years be as good (or better) than the last 20 years. Thank you for your help in building my practice from the ground up.

I started in September of 1989 and I couldn't have done it without your Law List."

Louis Jacobs, Esq., Los Angeles , CA  
Law Offices of Louis Jacobs


"I have been an active member of The Columbia Law List for more than twenty (20) years. Besides providing my firm with leads to the top business professionals in the collection industry, The List has given my firm tremendous exposure to companies and individuals looking to retain our firm to assist in the recovery of delinquent debt.

The Columbia List has been and will continue to be a trusted and valued asset to the success of my firm. " 

Stephen B. Gebeloff, Esq. 
The Gebeloff Law Group


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